Back from Summer Vacation

I had not intended to take a summer vacation away from blogging, internet surfing, and for that matter, crocheting, but I did. I’m back and the more I wander around the more I find that I’ve missed it.

I’m making a shawl for myself to bring to work. I know that I have boxes of unfinished projects that should come first, but what better to get my groove back than to do a new project just for me? I’ll post pictures tonight, as long as I don’t fall asleep after tucking the girls into bed.

It’s just the three of us. Andy is working in Dallas, four hours away from home, but no worries – it’s just a really, really, really good contract job so we’ll make do until he can find something closer or this job turns permanent and we join him. For now, we’re here, he’s there, and we visit every other weekend. It’s time for me to head up there for a weekend, just because I wouldn’t mind checking out Dallas area yarn shops. 🙂

Picture updates tonight! (Or tomorrow!)


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