I just had a frightening realization – I haven’t visited the majority of the blogs that I used to lovingly read daily since April!! That means that I’ve basically been floating around in my all-work and no-crochet void since April?! Bleh. I’m much happier now that I’m back. πŸ™‚

Want to know what I’ve missed?

First off, I don’t even remember when my copy arrived in the mail (sometime before mid-June when my husband left for Dallas and his cool new job working for the SBA – more on that later), but I’m totally in love with this book –

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Get Hooked: Simple Steps to Crochet Cool Stuff by Kim Werker of Crochet me.

That cute little flower scarf on the cover? That’s my design. πŸ™‚ I’m not totally in love with this book because my scarf is in it, I love it because Kim did such an amazing job with the entire book. I would (and will most likely) use it as a learning tool for anyone that I was teaching to crochet, from teen to adult.

Okay, I can’t make it any further. I’ve spent over an hour of time at work looking at Bloglines and I think I might have made it halfway due to skimming over months and months of beautiful knit and crochet work. I get a few hours a day that I get to piddle, particularly when it rained over the weekend, construction sites are big mud monstrosities, and contractors are cancelling work until the hot sun dries up what was once a perfect balance of moist and compacted soil. I work for an engineering firm that does the testing on said soil, concrete, and other fun stuff.

Now that I’m speaking of work, why did I disappear for so long? Andy finally got an awesome attorney position, but unfortunately, it took him out of town. He’s in Dallas working for the SBA in the Disaster Division (I know it has a really cool, governmental title, but that’s all it’s getting right now.) His department is still processing loans from Hurricane Katrina, which is why they upsized the department over the summer, thus why he’s in Dallas. He’s considered a “national” employee, which means that he can technically be sent anywhere in the US where he’s needed. So, those sick little attorneys watch weather reports daily waiting on natural disasters so they can travel to Florida, California, or wherever needed. Sick, sick, sick. This cool job of his leaves me in Houston living basically as a single parent so my days are hectic, my nights are chaos, and my “me time” was virtually non-existent until I finally had enough. I now make a little effort every day for time just for me, whether it comes at 10 o’clock at night or at 6 in the morning. And I feel almost complete again. πŸ™‚ I’ll feel 100% complete when Andy and I are able to live in the same town again, but this is close enough for now.


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