Thursday Thirteen




Thirteen Things about Tiffany

If I had to get rid of all of my movies except for thirteen, I would keep...

1…. The Princess Bride  (Now that the girls are older, we watch this movie all of the time.  I even keep my VHS copy around for back up just in case the DVD copy doesn’t work.)

2…. Pride & Prejudice (A & E/BBC Version) (Best movie ever. Ever ever ever.)

3…. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (If I couldn’t keep my entire Audrey Hepburn collection, I would have to keep this one as it’s watched the most.)

4…. Gladiator (I have a thing for historical epics.)

5…. Black Hawk Down (one of Ridley Scott’s best.)

6…. Bridget Jone’s Diary (love this movie, partly because Mr. Darcy plays Darcy [see No. 2].)

7…. U2 Evolution Concert(I know it’s not a movie, but I went to see this tour in Vegas and I’ll never forget it.)

8…. This is Spinal Tap!  (The Stonehenge scene makes me laugh so hard I cry.)

9…. Firefly (The entire series on DVD - I wish there were more!)

10…. Field of Dreams (my favorite baseball movie.  Is it not the only movie where Ray Liotta doesn’t play a psycho?)

11…. Dazed and Confused (alright, alright, alright)

12…. Raiders of the Lost Ark (of the three Indiana Jones movies, this one has to be my favorite.)

13…. Shrek (love it)

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