WIP Wednesday

I’ve been waiting an entire week (okay, three days) to show off my favorite WIP.

I’m making this for my aunt-in-law for Christmas.  It’s the Seraphina Shawl pattern from here.  I’m using Patons SWS in Natural Earth.  So far I’ve used two balls and I’m hoping that it won’t take more than the four balls I have to finish it.  It’s lovely and soft and colorful and I want to keep it, but it’s way too hot in Houston to get the use out of it that it deserves.

I’m also working on a knit dishcloth.  I’m hoping I can get a few more rows in tonight before taking a progress photo because the design is just beginning to take shape and I want to make sure I’m not making a gigantic mess before showing it off.

I found my hook to finish the mystery doily so that should be completed soon.  It was underneath the passenger seat of my truck.  I don’t know how, when or why it ended up there, but it’s “home” now.

 What else am I working on?    Oh!  I’m making a simple garter stitch scarf, but the yarn I bought is a little…orange so I have an idea of making up something Halloween themed with it instead of the scarf.  I’ve got an idea for pumpkin purses for the girls.

 Have you heard of Book Mooch?  Check it out. 🙂 



One thought on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Andrea September 24, 2006 at 1:38 am Reply

    Great shawl! I really like the colours with that pattern. 🙂

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