Motorcycle dishcloth – knit!

I finished my first knit project!  While looking for my needle stash to begin this dishcloth, I found many, many starter knit projects that I never finished.  I had them stuffed at the back of yarn.  Shame, shame, shame. lol

My dishcloth –

I made it with Sugar ‘N Cream 100% cotton in Light Teal and size 9 needles.  I used the Motorcycle Dishcloth pattern.  I’m now working on a simple garter stitch washcloth in Bernat Cotton Tots for the girls for bathtime.  They have tons (the joys of having a crocheting mama), but they like variety.

In a little exciting news – I’ve qualified for an interview for the alternative certification program I’ve applied to.  My academics had to be approved first and now I get to go in for an interview.  Woohoo!  If I’m accepted, I start pre-internship training in January and start applying for jobs for the next school year in the spring.  I can teach anywhere in the Houston area so this is my chance to decide where in the area we’d like to live.  I might apply up on the north side because I miss the tall pine trees (and I won’t have to have mandatory hurricane evacuations up there like I do down here closer to the coast).  See, Houston is ginormous and I currently live on the south east side of town which puts me within five miles of Galveston Bay and storm surges from large hurricanes.  If I move up on the north side, I’m 50 miles from the shore and more than clear from the storm surges.



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