I can’t help myself

Why do I like the Astros? (1) Because they lost every stinking game I attended this season at Minute Maid Park (I think it was punishment from above for spending six hours last postseason praying for a win in a very, very long game and clogging up the line for the Braves fans.) but I still leave the Park in a good mood because “they played their best” (yeah, yeah, I think the glass is half full too) and (2) I go into denial that there is a baseball season (usually around say… July when they’re really, really stinky) but keep one eye on the baseball score each day.  And then, they do crazy things like come back from 8 1/2 games out of the NL Central with 13 games left to being 1 1/2 games out with (I believe) five games remaining.  Then, my heart goes pitter patter and I want to wear my Astros shirts to work every day and then I’ll get picked on by the guys and that leads to rubber band wars in the office and one day someone’s going to get hurt (them).  It’s just embarrassing to think that I’m that much of a fan (I think it’s genetic – my mom and grandpa went to ballgames when they were still the Colt .45’s), but I’m going to admit it and move on (while keeping an eye on the Astros too.).
Have you seen the movie Red Eye? Is it spelled in one word or two???  Anyway, Colby from Survivor: Australia is in it. lol  I was talking to Andy during our late night visit during his lunch break (he works really, really late but he’s doing good things – he works in the Disaster Division of the SBA and helps a Gulf Coast hurricane victim every day) and almost missed it.  He wasn’t impressed with my need to pause the conversation to watch Colby on TV, but the movie wasn’t as suspenseful as I had thought it would be so I was glad for the eye candy break.
eek!  It’s way past my bedtime, which probably accounts for the strange, way off topic post.  To summarize:  Astros=kicking bootie, Redeye=not too hot, Colby=still a little hot, and Tiff=yawn.  Night!


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2 thoughts on “I can’t help myself

  1. Kelly September 28, 2006 at 5:03 pm Reply

    Why do I like the Astros? Hmmm… you have my Andy Petitte! 😦

  2. Destiny Barnes January 13, 2007 at 5:57 pm Reply


    That was a great post! I like the Astros also, but mostly because my husband does! I think he would agree with you! Hope you got enough sleep!

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