WIP Wednesday

1.  Mystery Doily – Only five more rows to go!!  I finished two rows last night while watching Redeye (but you know that already if you read the post above).  That means if I can squeeze in at least one row, maybe two a night, I can have that baby on the torture needles (i.e. blocking board) by this time next week.  Then I can quit looking at Julie’s gorgeous doily she sent me in shame because hers has languished in my possession for so long.


2.  Little pink shrug for Laura – I think I’m making it too wide because it’s hitting right at her wrists without edging, but I’m too far into it now to change it.  Plus, she’ll always be able to grow into it, right??  I’m using Lion Brand Jiffy in Girlie Pink (that’s not the real name of it but it should be.  It’s probably something like Petal Pink.  It’s a really light pink.)


3.  Seraphina Shawl – I still haven’t made progress past the second ball of yarn.  I’m going to take it with me this weekend and work on it around my mother-in-law to gauge her reaction to it.  If she really really likes it, then I’ll gift it to her at Christmas.  If she really likes it, but isn’t too fond of the colors, maybe I can sneak in another one before Christmas.  If she really doesn’t like it, then good because it can go to her sister. lol


4.  A little something for my Halloween Swap partner – hmm… I think I’m about 1/3 of the way through.  It’s one of my favorite patterns so I hope she likes it. 🙂  I’ve got everything else ready to go for the mail except for this – the most important part!


That’s about the extent of the projects that are sitting around.  Oops! One more –


5.  Simple Garter Stitch Washcloth – I’ve got about four rows but I’ve put off working on this one until I get my two important swap projects finished.  It’s taunting me by sitting on my coffee table. 





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