What if Malachai was hiding in the corn???

 This past weekend, Andy was able to visit on his last free day (they’re back on a seven day work week starting yesterday [Monday]).  We drove to the outskirts of the Houston metro area to Dewberry Farm to take our chances in the Corn Maze, pick wildflowers, and just spend a nice family day outside. 

Okay, maybe I was too young when I first saw Children of the Corn, but driving by rows and rows of corn still freaks me out.  Walking through a corn maze that can take up to five hours to complete?  I was okay for the first five minutes and then, I kept hearing things (Okay – it was the trailer with the hay ride, kids laughing on the pillow bounce thing, but still — there were voices in the corn!!)  We made it out safely only because Maddie gave up on walking and rode on Andy’s shoulders for the ride out.  She clued us in to the best paths out to safety. 

This is Laura thinking about how much fun it would be to jump off the four foot high hay mountain.

This is Laura thinking that jumping doesn’t sound as nearly as nice as sliding down semi-gracefully.  She ended up jumping down, but watching her contemplate her options was fun. 🙂



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