Of course there’s only one of me

What to do in the last fifteen minutes of my workday?  Sneak in visits to my favorite blogs of course. 🙂

 I found this at Vera’sHow Many of Me


Logo There is:
person with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?


According to the results:

  • Tiffany is the 215th most popular name (statistically speaking)
  • there are 292,469 other Tiffanys in the U.S.
  • only 1,440 other people have the name of Roots (I only know about 10)

Darn it.  Twelve more minutes left of work.  I start my pre-internship training in fourteen days.  I have my textbooks and I’ve thought about getting a head start on reading.  I’ve been forcing myself to stay away from the teaching supply stores because the last thing I need to do is start collecting things for my future classroom.  I do have a valid excuse to stock up on History Channel videos though, right???  Every history teacher needs a good supply. 🙂

 Seven minutes left.  Great – my house is in the 5+” rainfall expectancy area for tonight.  The rain better hold off until after 9:00 pm because my satellite messes up and I’ve got four shows scheduled to tape tonight.  I’ve discovered that I only watch TV on Wednesday and Thursday nights.  Every other night, I watch taped episodes of Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters

Woohoo! Time to go. Until next time..


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