WIP Wednesday with photos!


I’m now at 5 inches on my ribbed scarf.  That means if I make 5 inches of progress every two days I’ll be finished with a nice 60 inch scarf in 30 stinking days!  But, the colorway of this yarn is beautiful so it’s not destined for coin pursage… yet.  What type of yarn is it?  It’s 100% wool from….. (had to do a Yarndex search since I long ago lost the tag and wound the yarn into two center-pull balls).  All rightey then.  The yarn store where I bought it in Arizona has closed down and I think it was a regional (Arizona-made) yarn so it’s now classified as a yarn-to-be-named-later. The scarf –

Update:  I officially finished 7 inches in two days.  I managed two inches during a 50+ minute episode of Brotherhood, so now my projected finish date is closer to 17 days. I live in Texas!  We’ll be having spring-like conditions in 17 days!!   

I’m going to try to finish this –

before January 27th so if I work on my scarf during lunch and Striped (well, isn’t it?) during my evening movie watching, I may finish it in time.  I’m on the fourth stripe combination and I’m thinking that I’ll need 12 in order to have a decent length.  I’m using Lion Brand Homespun in Antique, Mediterranean, and Prairie.  If I finish it in time, it will be a birthday present for my dad and stepmom.  The only time I enjoy working with Homespun is when I’m using an N hook and a single crochet pattern.  Every other time, I have issues. 



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