Testing.. testing

I finally moved my blog to just being at www.tiffcrochets.com instead of residing at www.tiffcrochets.com/blog so my rss feeds should have changed.    It turns out the ease of transfer (keeping the blog stuff at the blog address while keeping the main url as where you go to view the blog) was a whole heck of a lot easier than I thought it would be.  It was one of those things that I just thought it had to be difficult so I’d look into it when I had a spare moment.  I never had the spare moment so I forgot about it until today, months and months later when I really should have been working on other things…like organizing my paper clips since the office is so slow right now (can’t make concrete cylinders for strength testing when it’s freezing and raining and 30-something degrees in Houston).

Back to the point of this post!  This is a test.  Did I mess up my feeds so bad that I can’t even find my blog in Bloglines?  possible.  Did I get it right?  HA!  historian I am, tech geek I am not.


3 thoughts on “Testing.. testing

  1. Kari January 19, 2007 at 1:12 pm Reply

    Umm… I had a red ! on bloglines for your blog this morning so I clicked to see what was up then noticed your post. I had to resubscribe to bloglines to get your new post to show up.

    And my sympathies on the weather.

  2. Julie January 20, 2007 at 12:40 am Reply

    Hmm… will have to play with Bloglines a bit more to get it to show up for me, as I didn’t realize you’d posted since Wednesday but am playing catch-up. And I will, too. :o)

  3. Stacey January 27, 2007 at 2:24 am Reply

    You’ve got a red exclamation point on my bloglines listing…

    I just went through this actually when I moved my blog last week. I tried to set up server-side redirects for the feeds, even, but it turns out the bloglines crawler ignores them. If you scroll way down to the bottom of the page at bloglines, hit the contact link, and send them an email flagged as an RSS feed problem, and give them the old feed address and the new feed address, they can merge the two for you so that everyone gets transferred to the new feed. It took them about four days to get back to me, but it’s all fixed now.

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