Same but Different

Did you know that the Scrabble Page-a-Day Calendar is the greatest daily calendar ever????  Why is it such a great calendar?  For the simple reason that I am a perfectly reasonable human being except when I’m losing at Scrabble.  Losing-but-not-really-losing (Tiff term) is okay because at any time you could move into the lead, but full blown losing, the kind where you’re hundreds of points behind your opponent, that kind of losing takes me on an emotional roller coaster that has no equal (Really – ask Andy.  He says that he’ll never play with me again after the last time, but we shall see about that.). 

My solution?  Nab a copy of the Scrabble calendar from the 50%+ clearance of calendars at Barnes & Noble.  Every day I sit here at work and complete the day’s puzzle.  By December 31, 2007, I will be the Scrabble master of my house and then I won’t have to worry about turning into the worst sore loser ever.  Today’s puzzle is titled “Same but Different”.  What letter in the word J-I-M-M-Y can be replaced to form a word with exactly the same meaning?  What the heck does jimmy mean?!?  Does it mean pry something loose??  Fix something???  What-does-it-mean??!?!?!  How can I replace a letter if I’m not sure of the correct meaning???!?!!? 

Whew.  See?  I told you Scrabble makes me loony.

Have you ever seen a four year old disco?  I’ll have to video her during one of her kareoke sessions and share her version of YMCA.  It’s funny yet strangely creepy.  Speaking of Miss Rock Star, I picked her up a new pair of tennis shoes yesterday.  They’re a cute brown and pink Hello Kitty combo athleticasual look (oh you can definitely picture them now after that description, can’t you??).  Here’s our conversation:

HER:  Mom, are these rock star shoes?

ME:  (Doing something on the floor with Laura, avoiding the question.  I think I was knitting, but hey, that was last night, I can barely remember this morning!)

HER:  MOM!  Are these rock star shoes?

ME:  No honey, they’re Hello Kitty shoes.

HER:  No, they’re Hello Kitty ROCK STAR shoes.  See??  (points to them)

ME:  Oh yes, I see now.

HER:  (skipping back to her bedroom singing) “Me have rock star shoes.”

I went with the little purse instead of a scarf.  It’s not that I didn’t want to finish it, I just thought that a nice warm scarf would smother me here in Houston (even when it’s in the thirties) so it’s now going to be a carrying pouch for the girls.  They love the Littlest Pet Shop and always want to bring at least one with us everywhere.  This way, they’ll have a cute little home for their travels.  I didn’t leave a button hole so I think I’m going to go with a snap or velcro, both options better for little hands.

Did you hear about this – If it’s yarn, it has to be a terrorist front (most likely you have, but just in case!).  I love the Freakonomics Blog by the way.  Good read.


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