Can you take those seven letters and spell a word?  Don’t worry, I can’t either.

I discovered a great non-crafty blog.  Visit Minor Tweaks.  I manage to laugh out loud, smirk, or even giggle at least once per post.  I check it every day after lunch and it makes at least part of the workday afternoon brighter.

I think I need one of these – felted coffee cup cozy.  It’s just cute. 

I’m tired of the rain.  And the cold.  Oh, and the clouds.  The wind too. 

I’m going to attempt to organize my yarn stash and list some for sale.  It looks like I’m in need of at least two tickets to see Hannah Montana at the Houston Rodeo in order to make Laura’s day (or year) and they’re going for $300+ for two on ebay.  I know that she’s going to be okay if she doesn’t go because we’ve talked about it, but it’s still fun doing the cool mom thing. 

We’ve been on our own eight months with Andy driving in from Dallas about every other week and I’m worn out.  It’s as close to being a single parent that I ever want to be.  I’m thinking about getting my passport and as soon as the job situation works out where we’re living in the same home again, I’m going on a vacation overseas.  Without kids AND him.  Preferably somewhere with a steady supply of pina coladas and a white, sandy beach.



One thought on “E-G-H-P-R-T-V

  1. Wendy January 26, 2007 at 6:24 am Reply

    I dream about this type of vacation all of the time. My husband happens to work in the area, but he works 60+ hours a week and is only around for about 30 minutes before Sierra goes to school and then Madeleine goes down for a nap. Then he is off to work and doesn’t get home until 2am. So I feel like a single parent every day. Of course, my vacation is me, the pina coladas, a tropical location…and yarn.

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