Wednesday WIPs

I spent my lunch hour at Barnes and Noble today and picked up a nifty journal (hopelessly addicted collector) that has “guided entries”.  I’ve been keeping a journal on and off for about twenty years and thought that now would be a time to get restarted.  Maybe it will refuel my extra-super dormant writing skills.  So, as part of writing in my journal, I’m going to add an extra piece on this here blog for my journal entries just because it sort of makes me feel like Bridget Jones, which makes me think of Colin Firth, which makes me think that it’s time for a Pride & Prejudice marathon, which makes me think that my Netflix movie better arrive today or else I will watch P & P….. and I’m going overboard with my extra thoughts!  I’m going to separate it out with the handy page break thing (the “more” button) so that you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to. 

Now on to works in progress news…

Last night, while watching Disc 3 of Supernatural (why didn’t I know this show existed?  I love it!), I worked another few inches on the striped afghan.  It’s almost officially one month overdue for the birthday recipients.  They will get it as soon as I finish it, even if it’s Christmas!

I started a great little round knit washcloth Monday night, but I don’t like using a size 8 needles because my tension is too tight so I’m going to restart it tonight with my size 10 needles while watching Jericho.

I’ve got to get some swatching done.  I’ve got three designs wallowing around in my head that need written, swatched, and started.  I must do this soon!

I probably should finish Laura’s leg warmers before we head to Montana in a few weeks.  They’ll be a hit with the in-laws.

My first motif for my table runner was 3 inches over the gauge size!!  I went down two hook sizes and it’s still 2 inches over.  I’m not going smaller.  I’ll just have a wide table runner.

I’m waiting anxiously for my order at  to be processed.  It’s been a week and I want my organic cotton and cotton ease before I leave for Montana! 

Journal Entry No. 1 follows…

Day:  Wednesday

Date: 2/21/07

Time: 4:00 pm

I started my day by: waking up late (6:10 am), showering & rest of morning stuff.  The girls got dressed reasonably easy.  We left the house on time! (7:00 am)

Major events going on in the world today: too much Britney Spears!!  Great Britain announces withdrawal plans for Iraq.  Of course, we’ll never get out.

My goals for today: create a budget (check!), Pilates for at least 10 minutes, no fast food no matter how much the girls cry!

Today I feel: not bad.  I do feel like some major life occurence is about to happen, which scares me because it could be bad or good.

The funniest thing that happened today: retelling Andy’s “cool people” comments yesterday.  I swear, A’s degrading back to high school social mentality with all of his lawyer buddies.

The most memorable thing that occurred today: eek.  Rather boring, normal day.  I did finish Activity 1 of 3 for my last week of class.  Mock parent letter and open house agenda to go!

The best part of my day: strolling around Barnes & Noble during lunch.  I can spend hours flipping through history and craft books that I really, really need.

Something that I am looking forward to tomorrow: NO obligations after work/school.  The girls and I can chill out and cook an awesome dinner while catching up the week’s Scooby Doo and Hannah Montana episodes.

More thoughts and feelings: I need more crafting time!  I need more exercise time too, but not quite motivated for that yet.



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