My new favorite things

I’m supposed to be watching TV and working on my newest nemesis – the striped afghan that will not grow – but no.. I had to check for updates on bloglines.  First, Kim mentions this amazing, gorgeous ripple afghan again and I’m going to have to start my own if she doesn’t stop it.  THEN, she links to Dawn, who not only is about to start a ripple along for such an afghan but has a wonderful writing style that I instantly loved, who links to the best podcast EVERCraftLit.  The first episode features a Pride & Prejudice reading!!!  How can I not want to listen to every episode (42ish?) right now??!?  Okay, maybe not all of them.  At least the twenty (twenty?!?!?) episodes that feature P & P.  I’m beginning to think that I had way too much caffiene tea today because everything I’ve seen on blogs tonight is so! stinkin! exciting!  Speaking of, feeling a little bit thirsty.  (I opted for the flavored sparkling water.  I feel like I’m drinking a coke, but I’m really not.  [Texan term for soda.  See, you ask, “Would you like a Coke?”  They say, “Sure.”  You say, “We have Dr. Pepper, Sprite, etc.  Whatcha want?”  Never, ever, ever say “soda” “pop”, etc.  Andy says pop and the girls look at him like he’s crazy.  In my family coke just means Dr. Pepper.  One of my cousins drinks Pepsi and she’s always been considered the weird one.  Anyhoo, I’m being good and drinking water.  Flavored sparkling water.])
I really think my busy lifestyle over the past almost-year has kept me from some amazing things out there on the internet, namely podcasts.  I’m slowly getting caught up and am going to try to listen to at least one per commute each day.  I won’t be able to at this time next year when hopefully I’ll only have a few minutes commute to work.  I’m so excited about teaching next school year. I’m working on a portfolio of materials to take to interviews.  The twins are pushing for me to get a job at the high school here where we live because then they’d get to ride home with super-cool cousin Tiffany (They think I’m cool.  I don’t think I’m cool.  It’ll change soon.  They’re going into high school.).

I’m feeling the need to cuddle under my nicely finished afghan (ginormous and made of Homespun ) and watch a movie.  Maddie’s feeling very under the weather tonight so I’m wanting to stay up a little bit just to see if she wakes up miserable in need of mommy cuddles.  I don’t think I posted this photo yet of the girls with my dog Hoover from Christmas at my mom’s so I’ll leave you tonight (although I’m not sure anyone is left who actually reads my babbling lately) with a photo of the girls –



2 thoughts on “My new favorite things

  1. Renee February 24, 2007 at 10:26 am Reply

    🙂 Great pic of the girls 🙂
    I Love your Blog 🙂

  2. Juanita March 1, 2007 at 12:06 am Reply

    Thank you for the CraftLit link…so cool! 🙂

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