Off to the rodeo!

We’re off to the Houston Rodeo tomorrow to see Clay Walker (after watching the actual rodeo of course).  Because I’m going with my wonderful “loser” cousin, Sam, I changed my punkymood to reflect our mutual “loser” status (it’s really more of a term of endearment for us.  really.  yes, I am a dork. 🙂 ).  She’s fourteen and because we have two extra tickets, I may end up sitting with her and one or two of her friends.  I think my Aunt is getting out easy by sitting with a four year old (Maddie) in her seats.

I promise pictures of things soon.  Purchases that I made while in Dallas last weekend for Andy’s 30th birthday, slow arriving purchases of very beautiful yarn, maybe even a work in progress or two.  I need daylight for decent photos so I’ll try to snap a few this weekend.  Maybe even photos from the rodeo, but I’m horrible about taking my camera and forgetting to take pictures.

Here’s a photo of us from the big birthday party at Billy Bob’s in Ft. Worth.  We spent most of our time standing around talking (lots of lawyers), which meant that I smiled a lot and met lots of new people.  I would have preferred to be dancing the entire time, but it was still fun.



One thought on “Off to the rodeo!

  1. Rebecca March 3, 2007 at 5:10 pm Reply

    Hey gorgeous! Long time no hear from you…..hehe You and Andy look so happy, good pic. I read all your recent posts and girl you are busy! How are things going really?
    I miss talking to you in Crochetville but really don’t plan on returning there. So please have mercy on me, I miss my ‘ville friends! 😉


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