Must hide high school and college photos

Every time I hear Clay Walker’s song called ‘Fore She was Mama reminds me that all of those keepsakes from high school and college really need to be gone through soon.  The girls are curious creatures, much like their mama, and there are some things that are better left to memory.  The concert and rodeo was as enjoyable as ever.  Here are some photos:


Just like one of my other long-time favorites (George Strait), Clay rides out on his horse to start the show. 

I don’t know how many people showed up for Saturday’s performance, but the following day, Hannah Montana and the Cheetah Girls broke the attendance record, bringing in over 73,000 fans.  I miss the Astrodome, but I love how we’re closer to the field at Reliant Stadium(It turns out Saturday’s performance had 61,228 sold tickets.  Still a full house though!  I’d prefer it any day to 73,000 screaming giggly girls 12 and under.)

Finally, we made a quick walkthrough of the livestock show, entertaining Maddie with the various kid-sized activities, like mini-barrel racing.  I’ll be heading back to the livestock show on Thursday with Laura’s class on their field trip.  I have to remember to pack a sack lunch both for her and for me, although I finally found my long-lost favorite food vendor since I was little so I’m tempted to sneak away for that instead (chicken on a stick – don’t ask, I don’t know why it’s so fascinating to me).

Tonight, there will be photos taken of my progress.  I promise!!!



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