Minestrone taste test

Today I begin my unintentional soup taste test.  What happens when your gone from work for a week?  You bring a soup from home that’s the same as the soup waiting for you at work.  So, tomorrow I’ll find out if Progresso is actually better than Campbells Select (I teeter between the two when shopping).  Right now, I’m pretty impressed with the Campbells, but I still can’t finish a whole bowl which is awesome.  I would prefer they come up with a better system for removing the metal lid though.  I do not want to wear minestrone.  Ever. 

I just opened Bloglines for my first visit in a week.  563 entries????  If I pace myself, maybe I can start blog commenting again.  Since I started this post with the intention of posting vacation photos, I’m down to 384 entries and have commented on two.  I know I can do better than that!  I’m also working too (strange enough – being back at work and having to work) so it’s taking me awhile to get this post finished. 

My knee and thighs are killing me.  My mom and I took the girls roller skating yesterday afternoon.  Maddie was so excited and then devastated when she just couldn’t stop falling down.  She whined all evening when she sat down.  Poor hiney.  I fell once thanks to a button or something on the rink getting caught in my wheels, thus the hurt/bruised knee.  My hips were sore by the time we quit, but I’m feeling it in my thighs.  Not that it’s a bad thing!  We’re tentatively planning to start going every Sunday afternoon.  It’s good exercise and the girls enjoy it.

Okay, since I’ve been working on this all day, I’ll end with vacation photos.  I’ll put more up in an album later.

There was a gaggle of geese at the lake house.  This one was napping on the beach early one morning.

It rained off and on Sunday through Wednesday.  This view is from the deck of the Llano River and Packsaddle Mountain. 

Thursday it was beautiful and warm so we played in the water all afternoon.  Unfortunately, the rain caused what was beautiful blue/green water to be brown, but it was nice to be out in the sun.

The four of us went out for new hair cuts.  Both Laura and Maddie (and me for that matter!  I had about 10 inches cut off though.) had a minimum of five inches cut off.  Yes, Sam is a teenager.  Just look at that look.  It speaks teenager.  Avoid looking too closely at me please. 

What may look like a normal sized nest is actually the home to this adorable, from afar, bald eagle.  I believe it’s parent(s) had to be close by due to the high number of much more professional photographers on the side of the road between Burnet and Llano snapping photos.  This photo is extremely zoomed in.  We were at least 500 yards away.  Apparently there is a growing bald eagle community in the Texas hill country that I need to find a little bit more about.

That’s it for now!  I’ve got to finish up here at work, but I’ll have photos of my crochet progress soon.



2 thoughts on “Minestrone taste test

  1. Rebecca March 20, 2007 at 2:45 am Reply

    I love the haircut Tiff! Vacation sounds like fun. I wish I had been skating with you guys, I never get to go. (pout.) Can’t wait to see your progress pics, and for the record I vote for the Progresso.

  2. Julie March 20, 2007 at 11:07 am Reply

    I’m the same way with soup but tend to lean toward Campbells Select. I’m currently partaking of the clam chowder wars or rather, the clam chowder debate. Unfortunately I never seem to have much trouble eating the whole can but then the fat free isn’t so bad points-wise. Thank goodness! Love the vacation photos, and rolling skating sounds like a blast!

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