But I’ll Miss the Humidity

It’s not set in stone yet, but it looks as if we might be relocating 3/4 of our family up to the great wet metroplex to the north of us to join the lonely 1/4.  We’re negotiating terms right now, meaning that we have to decide if it’s a financially wise move.  I’m of the opinion that it is, but I haven’t crunched the numbers yet.  Basically, by me not working and combining our homes, we’ll lose over half of my paycheck in expenses alone.  Realizing that has made me realize that I’m working just to pay to expenses that exist solely because I work.  I would rather redirect all of those hours that I spend here pretending not to work towards networking and beginning my teaching career.

Anyhoo.  We’ll have more of a sound decision between now and the 4th.  In the mean time, I have organization (i.e. dumping of the junk) out the wazoo to do now so that I can start packing!  AND, I’ve got to have at least one awesome meeting with two fellow crocheters here in Houston.  Oh, that “organization” begins with that contest I mentioned before.



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