Keeping Busy

Moving out of Houston, separated me not only from my family, but also from my CGOA Chapter, H-Town Crocheters.  I was fortunate enough to find such a wonderful group to join while living there.  We had a little gathering, going away party the Thursday before we left.  If you visit the homepage of our Yahoo group, you can see a photo of me along with a fellow member, who also has now moved away.  This past weekend, I was able to attend a meeting of my new CGOA group, Crochet Texas! , which is very active in the DFW area.  I’m looking forward to many future meetings.

Getting so quickly involved with another group helped me out of my crochet funk and I’ve been quickly getting back into the groove of things, sneaking in crocheting on works in progress (Sheryl, I promise an email soon!  I should have no problem getting the Spiderweb Cardi to you by the 2nd!), and starting something new.  Before you see the new, I have to show off my last two completed projects in their new home environment.

First off, my chicken!  You have a better idea now of it’s true colors instead of the bland coloring in my past photo from my darkened kitchen.

Next up, Laura’s grannied place mat.  I should be finished with Maddie’s, made in coordinating color sequences, soon.  For now, Laura’s is our banana and syrup holder.

While at my Crochet Texas! meeting, I finally broke down (okay, it just involved buying yarn after my move so that I wouldn’t have to add any more to my stash to  move) and picked up enough of Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice yarn to make a ripple afghan for my new home.  I’m using the Tassled Afghan pattern from Vanna’s Choice Color it Beautiful Afghans in Taupe, Linen, Dusty Blue, Chocolate, and Black.  I’m not sure of the Chocolate and Black.  I really like the first three colors together.  If I get the first color sequence complete and am still not sure, I might just adjust and use just Taupe, Linen, and Dusty Blue.  I have a tendency to use a lot of browns (woods) and blacks in my living room decorations, so it might work out well.

I did take a few photos of our home, but I’ll save them for a post tomorrow.  Today has been an overall crummy day for all of us around here.  Laura’s extra bossy, Maddie’s more sensitive than usual to Laura’s controlling attitude, and Andy and I, having woken up this morning with a desire for a nice, relaxing day for everyone, have taken to sneaking out into the backyard for quiet time.  Finally, Laura sat down next to me a moment ago and said, “Mom, we’re all having a bad day today, aren’t we?”  Finally!  She’s letting Maddie do her own thing and the house is quiet.  I’m off to enjoy the peace. 

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One thought on “Keeping Busy

  1. Julie August 20, 2007 at 2:07 am Reply

    Those look like gorgeous colors for the afghan, Tiff. Really! And I saw your chicken on Ravelry earlier this evening but got a phone call just then. Heading back over now… love the granny too! Excellent idea!

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