Labor Day Weekend

How was your Labor Day weekend?  We spent the weekend visiting the Ft. Worth stockyards.  On Saturday, we watched the cattle cruise through the streets followed by a Labor Day parade. 

Longhorns are my favorite breed of cattle.  There is just something beautiful about them.

Mom and the girls getting snow cones before the parade

The stockyards are worth seeing if you’re ever in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  The girls had a blast, despite having to drag Laura to the car to get there.  The old station, where they loaded the cattle on or off the trains, has been turned into a little shopping area.  They sell Dublin Dr. Pepper at the general store.  I should have bought more.  It’s not that far away…..  I might have to go back and pick up a few bottles. 

The girls wanted to be sheriff.

Sunday, Andy and I went back to the Stockyards for the 2nd Annual Red Dirt Roundup.  We went last year and with it falling near our anniversary (8 years!), we had to go back.  I can’t pass up seeing Ragweed, Gary Allan, The Black Crowes, Stoney LaRue, the Randy Rogers Band, plus more all in one venue.

We followed the same plan as last year, except I was fearing hot weather so I left my crochet at home.  We lounged about halfway between both stages, venturing into the crush of people near the front only for one man.

This is the third time I’ve seen Gary Allan this year, which makes me feel like I’m obsessive, but I’m not.  Really!  The first was a Christmas present from Andy to see him in February in Louisiana.  This summer, Ragweed and Gary Allan came to Houston and I couldn’t pass up the price of the lawn seats.  Then, we couldn’t pass up the 2nd annual RDR after we’d been at the first, particularly now that we’re living in Ft. Worth permanently.  Ragweed was as awesome live as ever.  I can’t wait to see the set list next year. 

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