Important No Exceptions Rule for Holiday Decorating

Never, ever cut one of those hard plastic zip ties holding together your strand of Christmas lights with an exacto knife. Even if you try to be careful, you’ll slice a deep cut into your thumb. Right after the pain medication kicks in and you try to do something as simple as zip up your jacket because the temperatures dropped 30 degrees in an hour, you’ll realize that just because your thumb is no longer throbbing, doesn’t mean you can use it yet. Nor will it feel better when you try to get back to work on your socks because the idea of wearing wool socks in a houseful of tile floors sounds really tempting. ugh.

Speaking of the lights, here is what the almost-finished outside of our house looks like. This is before the ladder fell out from under Andy, many more fuses needed to be replaced in the strands from busted light bulbs, and Andy’s pants suffered many holes from climbing around on the roof.

Our Home 2007

While uploading these photos, I found a few surprises thanks to one of my daughters.

Dining room delight

The culprit outed herself by attempting a few self-portraits. I love the photo surprises that I get when I download my photo card. I think some of the greatest photographs in my collection where taken by the girls during random moments.

The culprit:

Maddie the artist

Ack. My thumb’s killing me. I’m trying not to use the cut side to type, but it’s hard to break a habit. I’m going to go in search of my notes for the hats I made for the girls. I want to make more, but I’m not currently feeling patient enough to try to recreate the pattern by looking at their hats.

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2 thoughts on “Important No Exceptions Rule for Holiday Decorating

  1. Deneen December 3, 2007 at 9:29 pm Reply

    Ouch and I do that all the time, using a knife and yes, I have cut myself badly once or twice and then forget about it and do it again.

    The house looks lovely.

    At least the culprit has been caught and identified;)

  2. Julie December 4, 2007 at 2:40 am Reply

    Ow your poor thumb! I had a similar run-in last year with a Cool Whip container and steak knife. Ow ow ow!! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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