Unofficial Freezing is Still Freezing

It is cold here in north Texas. Yes, I may be wimpy when the temperature is currently 36 and will remain above freezing tonight, but I’m still chilled to the bone. I was raised on the Gulf Coast and my fingernails only turn purple a few times a year. Brrrrrr! I know this is His way of preparing me for our trip to Montana next week, but still – and I want to be.

I took a few photos of the girls for our annual Christmas card layout, but I’m not happy with the lighting. We’re heading south to my dad’s for the weekend and hope to get a few outside around his awesome pool while we’re there. Until then, here are my gorgeous girlie pies decked out for the holiday season.

I’m off to attempt an update of my WordPress files, so hopefully I’ll return to a board that looks the way it’s supposed to. If not, I might just cry.

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One thought on “Unofficial Freezing is Still Freezing

  1. Laura January 29, 2008 at 4:39 pm Reply

    What a great picture – your girls are very pretty! BTW, I love your crochet projects! Here in Cleveland, OH, where I live, 36 degrees in December feels positively balmy! We’ve had a bunch of 10 degree (but feels like -5 with the wind chill) days this winter already, so I’m feeling positively toasty during the 40 degree weather we’ve been having here the past two days, LOL!

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