Creating Greeting Cards Online Takes 6 Song Lengths

I know it’s probably directly related to the holiday shopping frenzy, but trying to create and order our Christmas photo greeting cards is taking me hours and hours.  Okay, it’s only been about 6 songs, 1 load of dishes, and at least one bang of the head on my desk.   I only have to mail about half of them.  The rest get to be hand delivered when we’re in Montana because I’m so hopelessly late this time.

Last weekend, we went ice skating for the family’s very first time.  Here’s Laura doing her best in the crowd.

Laura ice skating

Maddie was able to use one of the training walkers, which was a blessing.  She was able to enjoy herself a lot more than she would have attempting ice skating on her own.

Maddie ice skating

I only fell once, but when it comes to ice once is enough to produce a very sore bum.

Only three washcloths to make and I’m finished with my crocheted items for this Christmas!  My top New Year’s resolution is to make a list of every female family member, start in January, and make them something crocheted or knitted (as in socks) for next year.   The sooner I get them finished, the sooner I can make things for myself.

I made this little basket for Andy’s aunt.  I used recycled silk sari yarn and a simple square pattern, excluding the increases once I reached a width I was comfortable with.  I have enough to make another basket or two for next year, I think.

Silk Basket


One thought on “Creating Greeting Cards Online Takes 6 Song Lengths

  1. Julie December 19, 2007 at 11:40 am Reply

    I’ve never been ice skating before, though I’ve been ice falling many times over. I know feeling to be sure. Love the bowl you made!

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