Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

We went to the zoo on Saturday with the girls’ Girl Scout troop, so I have a few pictures to share of our favorite animals. It was too cold for me, but it was an experience seeing the big cats frisky.

First off, we had an amazing view of the rhinoceros. It looked so delicate standing on the rocks while eating, but it was so massive.

White rhino at lunch

So, we walked up to this random herd of antelopes and asked if they would pose for a photo. They were very obliging.

Posing for a photo

Finally, just a cute fox. Poor thing had to live with the prairie dogs after losing his friend, the hound, thus the sad look.


Ah ha! Now that I’ve bored you with photos of the zoo, I share with you one completed project and one in progress. I finished my Hybrid Hat and wore it Saturday, which was a good thing because it was bristly outside.

Hybrid Hat


Very easy, wonderfully quick pattern. I would definitely make more!

I used one ball of Bernat Felting Natural Wool in English Rose

“J” Hook

Set of Size 8 DPN’s

I visited my LYS the other day for a crochet meet up and couldn’t resist picking up Berroco’s Comfort #269 pamphlet. I’m making the Party Girl for Laura is Size 10. It’s my first knit garment, maybe my last, but I’m breezing through the back without any problems so far.

Party Girl back

Yes, I know what I said. I picked up yarn for a knit garment while at a crochet meet up. I saw several crocheted things that I would love to make one day, but this top had Laura written all over it. I’m hoping that after making this I can work on a crochet equivalent.


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