This post is a post-in-progress. I want to show off Laura’s hat, completed many months ago, modeled by me here, along with Maddie’s hat yet-to-be published, but I also wanted to show off the first stage of a felted bowl that I’m making for my stepmother. The problem is that the felted bowl, stage one, is sitting in front of me, almost, but not quite finished. I’m listening to Marly’s latest podcast, typing a few lines, and then crocheting a row on the bowl.

I published Laura’s Brownie hat on Crochet me, but if you are on Ravelry, you can also download it in pdf form here.

Brownie hat side

Just because she has a cute smile in this one, here’s another view.

Brownie hat smile

This is my third version.  I made the first out of Lion Brand Wool Ease on a whim, not thinking about writing anything down.  The second one I made with notes, also out of Wool Ease, and subsequently gave it to my sister where I think Laura’s hat is currently residing also.  Either there or the Cheesecake Factory after an afternoon of ice skating.  This third one, I could not resist trying out the Bernat Cashmere Natural Blends, thus the pattern is officially in this yarn.  I need to write down the instructions for the fingering weight version, which Maddie wears, then hides from me when I get out paper and pencil.

Granny Square Felted Bowl phase one is complete.  I was distracted by a little girl who thinks that naming every sight word “here” is funny.  We have sight word flash cards, which we practice with daily.  Today, while letting her Barbie fairies play AC/DC on her Hello Kitty Fender, every answer is, “Here!” followed by a snicker before the “fairy” (high pitched Maddie voice) starts humming “Back in Black” again while strumming something vaguely familiar.

Granny Square Bowl pre felting

I’m off to cut out nine pink boots for the kindergarten rodeo for Friday, then start to work on a secret project. Thank goodness for mother-in-law’s buying you fancy left-handed scissors.  Yeehaw!


One thought on “Brownie

  1. julie January 30, 2008 at 12:37 am Reply

    Ooh, very nice! Adding to the queue in just a moment. I like it!

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