Enjoying the Quiet

I’m spending this Easter evening enjoying a quiet house. The girls are tucked away in bed, Andy’s gone out but should be back soon, and I’m about to find a warm pair of pajamas before working on a little crochet project before bedtime. We had a nice Easter Sunday, complete with egg hunt, church service, and a huge meal. Our family tradition is to gift the girls with new warm weather pajamas on Easter and they both snuggled into bed tonight wearing their new gowns. We had a girlie movie-filled afternoon, watching both Enchanted and The Sound of Music. Just to break up the girlie-ness a little (okay, a lot!), I’m going to watch Shoot ‘Em Up once I finish.

The girls and I took a mini-break down to Houston last weekend to visit with the Mimi, otherwise known as my mom. It was a nice relaxing visit as usual and we took our time driving home on Wednesday, including dropping in on Big Sam. If you have driven on I-45 just south of Huntsville, TX, in the past 10 years, you have seen the statue of Sam Houston. The girls and I have nicknamed him “Big Sam” and they always wave on our way past. We decided to stop at the visitor center to get an up close look so I have a few pictures to share of our visit.

The girls posed with a piece of Sam along the pathway to the statue. I’m pretty sure they left my mom’s with decent hair. I swear they remove any and all hair accessories as soon as they’re in the car.

To put the photo in perspective, Laura is around 4’6″ tall.

Eek. I’ve been working on this post now for an hour and there is not an hour’s worth of read-worthy material. Of course, I do believe that there is never read-worthy material on this blog, but a few of you still come around. I’ve spent the past hour between here and Ravelry doing a group search for “crochet”. I’m on page 11 because I keep getting distracted. Sort of like my distraction by the pretty bright colors around here now. I needed a pick-me-up to get me back into crafting after months of being ridiculously busy so I thought the colors might perk me up a little. I need to do a little tweaking to get it more “me”, but as for right now, things look nice and ready for spring. Andy’s now home so I’ve got to hurry into the bedroom to put the movie on before he can stop me and force me to watch Baseball Tonight or Austin City Limits.


One thought on “Enjoying the Quiet

  1. Julie March 24, 2008 at 10:58 am Reply

    Actually I was thinking the statues were cool! lol

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