Why Easter was healthier before kids…

Before kids, I had no desire to try those strange little Peep things. The Easter bunny never brought Peeps to my house as a child and I was never curious enough to buy them once I had money of my own. All of that changed this year. I had to pick up a pack or two for the girls. I knew that if they were disgusting, as I feared, we could safely toss them and move on with our lives. Alas, this was not to be. Why didn’t anyone ever say that they were wonderfully fresh marshmallow goodness??? I hit the 50% sale at Target to pick up four more double packs of the purple ones. They aren’t quite as tasty as the pink ones, which I can’t explain, but there was no way that I would ever consider the strange neon orange ones. Too creepy in their little yellow boxes.

While watching Season 2 of 24 last night (hopelessly addicted, but tonight I’m choosing to watch this week’s Destination Truth and Ghosthunters instead of hours 10 am – 11 am and 11 am – noon), I finished a swiffer shrug. I will absolutely be making more of these. It was a quick project, lasting one episode, so roughly 45 minutes, from start to finish. I tested it out after taking the photo and was surprised at how well it works. It’s so much better than the little cloths that are intended for the swiffer.


Swiffer Shrug (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Naturals (100% cotton ww yarn)
Hook: H, 5 mm
Time: 45 ish minutes

Next up will be her super awesome cotton dish sponges.

I’ve got a slow but quickly becoming a fast leak in one of my tires, since Andy is currently filling up the tire again after I just did earlier this afternoon. It looks like I will be heading straight to a tire place tomorrow afternoon for a fix. Yay! Bleh. Keep your fingers crossed that it keeps enough air through tomorrow afternoon so I’m not stuck at a high school on a Friday afternoon with a flat tire.


2 thoughts on “Why Easter was healthier before kids…

  1. Julie March 29, 2008 at 12:28 am Reply

    Okay, okay. I’ll try the swiffer thing soon. Kinda want to finish the sock first but I should be doing my floors. So I’ll do it after I finish the sock. I promise. ;o)

  2. Julie March 29, 2008 at 12:29 am Reply

    Oh, and LOVE the new layout! So springy!!

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