Dear Tiffany:

I apologize for keeping you up so late this week. It’s really not my fault. Really. You can blame Major League Baseball. It’s not fair to start the Astros season on the West Coast. They have forgotten that you no longer live in Las Vegas in that wonderful Pacific Standard Time. Even now, you should be in bed instead of starting your future nephew’s blanket, having made the right decision of putting the hairpin lace aside until tomorrow when you are more cognizant, but needing something to work on while listening to the game since for some reason thinks that Astros games are shown in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and has blacked out the game on your subscription.

Oh, you have a Brownie troop meeting tomorrow night? And you’ve decided to do the GirlSports try-it so that the girls can run off all of their excess energy? Okay, perhaps you won’t be able to look at the hairpin lace again until Friday evening. It would be exciting to take your coaster-in-progress to the DFW Fiber Fest over the weekend to show off your newly learned skill, but I know you’ll really just be too busy drooling over all of the yarn in the vendor area and won’t even think about that dainty little coaster again until Sunday evening. It understands. It’s not the first project to be started and cast aside when something else strikes your fancy. It has heard talk of mutiny among the discarded projects in your closet. They would prefer to be rewound into beautiful yarn cakes with hopes of one day becoming a new project than to waste away unloved, especially now that you picked up that new sock knitting book.

Just to remind you of that beautiful hairpin lace, here is a photo. It does not want to be forgotten.

Hairpin lace coaster in progress

I will go ahead and show off your knitting book impulse purchase at Hobby Lobby too. You were shopping for sewing materials and just couldn’t keep yourself out of the yarn. You addict, you.

Sock book plus new bamboo hook

Look at that new crochet hook too! Let me know how it works some time soon.

Go to bed!

p.s. The Astros are about to lose their third game in a row. Aren’t you glad you wasted three good nights of sleep? I know, you’re excited about the new team, Michael Bourn’s start so far this year, Berkman’s three doubles in the series, and Backe having a decent start. You can always sleep in on Saturday.

p.p.s.  Ack!  They’ve tied the game in the top of the 9th.  Curses!


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