DFW Fiber Fest weekend!

I’m too excited to go to bed to catch up on the hours I missed this week because of my other obsession (yay!  The ‘Stros beat the Cubs today!).  Tomorrow I am heading to the DFW Fiber Fest, held in some place called Addison.  I know approximately where it is and recognize the main highways, but it’s not in my lovely new home of Ft. Worth but somewhere in between here and that other city known as Dallas so I know the chances of me getting lost are rather high.  It is, thankfully, in the opposite direction of Texas Motor Speedway, which is on my major road of choice (and most familiar) in the Westoplex, and hosting some crazy race this weekend.  I am so giving away the fact that the only car racing I know involves Tom Cruise driving in a Chevy Lumina.  I am hopelessly tempted to drive north a few miles and at least see if I could hear Big & Rich playing tonight at the Speedway.

I have much more exciting links to share with you:

Did you see the CRAFT video podcast with Jess and Casey from Ravelry??  I am definitely wearing my Rav button tomorrow and Saturday at the Fest.

My sewing skills are limited (but growing!  I’m trying!), but I definitely want to make a few of Elizabeth’s bags in the future.

I thought I could find more exciting links to share, but I was distracted by thoughts of what the heck to bring with me tomorrow to work on!  I think I’ll bring Something Red and the Seija blanket so that I can show off my wicked multi-fiber craftiness while doing some volunteer work at the yarn/raffle table.  I’ve packed my camera so hopefully I will remember to take photos.



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