Field Trip Week

I feel like the week should be over, but we’re barely halfway through. Both of the girls had their class field trips this week, and I went on both. For Laura, we went downtown to the Ft. Worth Stockyards, which I always enjoy. Maddie’s class went to the zoo, another personal favorite in our new city. I’ll post photos at the end of our trips.

On Sunday, we went to the Texas Rangers game for Girl Scout Day. All of the Girl Scouts and their families could walk around the field during the pre-game ceremonies. The stadium looked empty, but I think there were a lot of us on the field to make up for the lack of people sitting in the stands. It was exciting to see so many girls, large and small, dressed up in their uniforms and enjoying being with the friends at the game.  We had to leave early to drop off my mom at the airport after a weekend visit and the Rangers eventually lost the game in the 10th inning.  I loved getting to see the new Cowboys stadium going up next door. It’s going to be huge and very beautiful once finished.

I do have photos from the DFW Fiber Fest, but I will save them for the next time. I am in a horrible slump with my crocheting. I have all of this beautiful yarn and no idea what to make with it. I will find a new project that I cannot live without soon!


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