I’ll Keep a Close Watch

Lone Star Arts' Walk

… on this heart of mine. Because you’re mine, I walk the line.

Although this beautiful yarn from Lone Star Arts has more of a deep green when you see it under the right lighting, it reminds me of the man in black, Johnny Cash. Plus, it’s named “Walk”. Now, every time I look at it or think about what to do with it, I sing “Walk the Line”. My attempts to do the knit thing with the socks just isn’t cutting it, so I’m thinking of ideas on how to use beautiful, handpainted fingering weight yarn in ways that show off the colors and portray crochet in a pleasing light.

Where did I get this beautiful yarn, along with an amazing laceweight yarn also from Lone Star Arts, MadelineTosh Frida, and so much more? At the DFW Fiber Fest back in April where I also found out that I do not spend enough time socializing in person with fellow fiber lovers. I need to get to all of the meetings that are close to me. Unfortunately, everything seems to fall when either I have a prior obligation, the girls have a prior obligation, or Andy has bowling. I do have Mondays free and I think there is a knitting group that meets at a local coffee shop. Just what I need – coffee and adults to hang out with. I’ll be a blabbering boob and they’ll cringe when they seem me walk through the door because I won’t stop talking!

I am also keeping a close watch on the skies tonight. Yet another storm system is moving through the DFW area, creeping me out with the tornado warnings. It’s at times like these that I miss hurricanes and the Gulf Coast.

My antibacterial acrylic yarn arrived today all the way from Japan, thus beginning what promises to be a great addiction. While I love the look of most amigurumi, it has a fatal Tiffany-flaw in being three dimensional and requiring tight stitches. It makes my hands hurt so much that I lose the joy in attempting anything ami. I’ve tried and I will not share the horrific aftermath of my work. Look at this gorgeous tawashi creature though!

My first tawashi of many!

I ordered the yarn on etsy, after reading about it in the Tawashi Town group on Ravelry.  There are two members who sell the antibacterial acrylic yarn, OkinawaOtterKnits and Ichigonopantsu.  I’ll be ordering more soon because I easily see me using up all of this yarn over the weekend.  If you are a family member reading this, I should warn you now that you’ll be getting a few of these on your next birthday.

Japanese antibacterial acrylic

I ended up having the server go down on me last night while in the midst of finishing this post, but alas!  That gives me the chance to post photos of two of the three tawashis I made today.  I gave the other one away to one of the kids in my class.

My 4th tawashi (headless)

This is the Ohina Tawashi (Rav link).  Now that I have the knot placement down, this is getting easier and easier.  This poor person is headless until after our trip to the school book fair as soon as I publish this post.

thunderstorm tawashi

This is the Linked Ring Tawashi (Rav link) (direct link to PDF here), and I am proud to say I interpreted the Japanese pattern all by myself!  I wish I had done the outer edging in the black.  Of course, I can always make more!

Off to the book fair!



One thought on “I’ll Keep a Close Watch

  1. Deneen April 24, 2008 at 10:20 pm Reply

    I ordered some of the yarn and it shipped today. I’ll start with the spiral scrubbie in it (I’ve done that one in cotton)-the Japanese patterns scare me just working from a chart-great job on yours.

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