Aching muscles

After saving up over the past several months with unused Christmas money, we finally managed to be at the right store at the right time and get a Nintendo Wii this past Saturday. I have never enjoyed playing so many hours on a video game system in my life. I am now paying for such frivolous fun. My joints ache. My right knee, hurt many years ago while in college and exacerbated from daily tennis playing with my roommates, hurts again for the first time in probably 6 years, which was the last time I attempted to play a decent game of tennis. This isn’t going to keep me from bowling at least three games tonight or doing more tennis training!

I took time off yesterday evening to start work on a spontaneous secret project for my wonderful cousin Mary. My arms were shaking at first, trying to work the tighter stitches required for this particular project. It was that evil Wii causing the muscle spasms. Evil, evil Wii.

The next four days I will be working at one of the high schools during their spring testing. I’m subbing for the assistant choir director. Andy keeps laughing every time he hears about it. I am so completely tone deaf. He seems to think that they are going to require me to sing. I keep reminding him that there will be little actual class time all week. He still laughs.  Boob.

I’ve been working on more tawashi too and, now that it’s warm outside, am three sections from completing my tassled afghan.  I’ve got to get this finished!  I want to drape it across the back of my couch and think about cooler weather this summer.  Or, just simply indulge myself one evening with the AC cranked low and cuddle underneath it while watching Pride and Prejudice.  Maybe not the A & E version.  It would kill my utility bill.

It’s bedtime for the girls and I’ve got six DVD’s from the library to get started watching this week, if I can turn off Alaska week on the Discovery Channel or drag myself away from the Wii.


One thought on “Aching muscles

  1. Cyndie April 29, 2008 at 5:28 am Reply

    aah yes..the Wii. I went through quite an ordeal to find one for myself in October. Wii bowling is so much easier than the real deal though. Next up-Wii Fit! Just make sure you don’t hit your TV while Wii-ing….

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