Mother’s Day Weekend

My mother-in-law told my husband a funny joke when he called her on Mother’s Day.  What do President Bush and Senator Clinton have in common?

Neither one has an exit strategy.

My husband, oh wise one who avoids all current events unless they directly involve his line of work, did not get this joke and I had to explain it to him.  Before November, please let there be an election day for dummies that I can share with him.  (Disclaimer: He works for the government.  He practices law.  He should keep up to date on things other than Lance Berkman having a .393 batting average.)


We had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.  The girls and I drove to my grandparents’ house in the country where we had beautiful weather and the joy of catching the end of bluebonnet season.  Laura discovered the joy in picking dewberries fresh off the vine.

Laura picking dewberries

Maddie enjoyed walking along the road, chasing butterflies.  I think I managed to catch her mid-skip.

Maddie along the path

My grandmother made homemade ice cream and dewberry cobbler, while my mother brought a Honeybaked ham.  Instructions were lost in translation and I forgot to bring the materials to make sopapilla cheesecake.  Who needs cheesecake when you have homemade ice cream??  It’s very hard to work on crochet projects with such beauty around, particularly when it was cool enough Saturday night to have a fire and roast marshmallows and hot dogs.  I did do another tawashi, but it needs finished.  I started a few rows on a shawl, but left my stitch markers at home, so I’ll restart it soon, hopefully.

Every morning around 7:30 am, should you drive by my house, you would hear screams of torture and pain, although if you were to watch, there was no torture and no pain inflicted upon the victim.  Maddie does not like mixing her hair and her hair brush.  Thus, we went for a haircut Saturday morning.  She loves her new look, almost as I love the sighs of content and noticeably lack of tangles in the morning.

Maddie's cute new do



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