Preparing for Summer

Next weekend I am off for my annual trek to Houston for a Memorial Day full of soaking in the sun by the pool.  I have been in probably the most damaging types of crochet slumps.  I start projects and cannot get past the few rows before becoming overwhelmed by a sense of “blah” towards the project.  I’ve started tawashi, dishcloths, clothing, and afghans, and nothing is catching my fancy.  My house, as always, remained full of gorgeous (and non-gorgeous yarn that needs a new home) yarn choices, but nothing is appealing to me.

I am determined though, to go into next Saturday with a quick, simple, and appealing cover up for my bathing suit.  We spend most of our time outside during this weekend and, with the exception of time spent at the Astros game next Saturday, I will be in my bathing suit most of the time.  Here are a few links to a few free cover up crochet patterns that I’ve come across today, just in case you also have a sun-filled holiday weekend ahead of you.

  • Water’s Edge Cover Up via CrochetmeI’m looking more for a top cover up over a skirt, but I may need this for our week at the beach later in the summer.
  • Beach Wrap via Coats and Clark. While beautiful, it’s made of thread.  I don’t think I could finish this by the weekend along with the myriad other responsibilities on my plate this week.
  • Beach Coat, Suit & Hat – Pretty and a nice 70’s vintage option.  I want more of a pullover, I think, but this is very cute.
  • Petal Stitch SarongAnother cute wrap.  I like the stitch pattern in this one.
  • Beach Cover Up/PulloverA new one from Lion Brand, but it looks a little thick.  I need to find this yarn to play with in something else summer related.
  • Women’s Summer VestI like this one and think I might do a gauge swatch.  I’m thinking of making it a little bit longer and see how it goes.
  • Tunic with mussel patternI think I could finish this one quickly too, and would work well as a cover up for the summer.

I think the key for me finding a summer beach cover up for this weekend might be to take a tunic or pullover pattern that you like, adjust it to fit perhaps a little larger, and add length.


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One thought on “Preparing for Summer

  1. sara May 19, 2008 at 5:55 am Reply

    I really like the Beach Cover up (From Lion Brand) and the Women’s Summer Vest (with a little more length). Just my unsolicited two cents.

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