Day in the Life

As seen on Robyn’s blog.  My day was not nearly crafty enough, but it is pretty much a typical end-of-school year day in this household.

6:30 am – I wake up to Johnny Cash on my ihome. Hit snooze a few (3) times.

7:00 am – Hop out of bed, head to the girls’ rooms to wake them up before heading back to my room to get ready.

7:10 am – Peek in on the girls. Both are surprisingly moving around, probably because it’s their picnic day at school.  Most days they do not like to move.

7:30 am – Head to the kitchen. The girls and I make their picnic lunches. Laura gets to work on their peanut butter and banana sandwiches while I gather up snacks and drinks, snacking on a banana while I’m loading up the lunch bags.

7:40 am – I barely remember to grab the summer birthday cupcakes for Maddie’s class as we walk out the door for the trip to school

7:50 am – Drop the girls off, then run back to the house to pick up the car payment to drop off at the bank before returning for Maddie’s picnic.

8:20 am – Get back to the school to find the parking lot overflowing. I forgot that it was awards day for 1st and 3rd grades. Check in and head to Maddie’s class just as they were preparing to go outside for recess.

9:00 am – While talking to Maddie’s teacher, get a surprise hug from Laura. Her class had an early morning recess so the girls were able to play together for a few minutes for the first time this school year.

10:00 am – Lunch and cupcake time. Must remember to not buy cupcakes from Kroger. 17 kindergartners covered in pink, yellow, or blue icing.  Drop off a cupcake as a surprise for Laura while her classroom is empty.

11:00 am – Maddie and I head home for the day.

11:10 am – Sit down to check email when Andy calls. He’s bored at work. They switched to a 4/10 schedule this week and he’s worn out. Find out that I have 453 unread feeds on Google Reader. Start browsing through the feeds while Andy laments his workday, filling in the important supportive comments.

11:30 am – I really should eat. Start researching locally grown food sources on a whim while debating on what to eat for lunch.

12:30 pm – Finally quit looking at local farms and co-ops and eat a sandwich. Wish that Cheetos were never invented as I eat want to eat more of them than the teeny serving I allowed myself.

1:00 pm – Water Maddie’s lima bean plant (only vegetable she loves), load the dishwasher with the dirty lunch dishes, then celebrate getting below 375 feeds by starting a meme post before cuddling Maddie on couch for a bit.

3:00 pm – Woke up from unexpected nap with Maddie to text from Andy about not forgetting to wash his khaki pants. Still forgot. Love the power of “dry cleaning” sheets.

3:15 pm – Laura is home from school, the pants are in the dryer and the quiet afternoon continues as girls play Mouse Trap and I get much needed crochet time on my vest.

5:00 pm – Maddie’s classmate stops by. Find myself doing a little Girl Scout administrative work before finishing a few rows on my bathing suit vest while watching the kids play croquet in the front yard.

6:30 pm – Croquet mallets turn into light sabers. Politely say it’s time to go in for dinner before my Luke Skywalker takes out poor unsuspecting Darth Vader.

7:30 pm – Stir fry is complete and delicious! Let girls choose from birthday cupcakes or brownies from last night’s Brownie Girl Scout meeting for dessert.

8:00 pm – Do more Girl Scout administrative work. I’m trying to help a few troops re-organize after bridging activities have divided troops into different age levels. If this wasn’t a volunteer position, I wouldn’t spend Friday night working on it.

8:20 pm – Play pool on Yahoo Messenger with my cousin, while eating a cupcake. Vow to devote next hour to Wii Fit in order to finally figure out the Advanced Step kick move that has me stumped (and work off cupcake).

9:20 pm – After a round of Angelina Ballerina DVD watching, the girls are snuggled into bed for the night. Me time!

10:00 pm – I think I finally figured out the kick on the Advanced Step game on Wii Fit. Super Hula Hoop makes abs hurt, especially after two previous rounds of regular Hula Hoop. Cannot breathe.

11:32 pm – Google Reader feed count down under 250. It’s time to go to bed, cuddle the husband, and watch Doctor Who episodes until I fall asleep.


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