Thoughts at Midnight

I’m staying up too late yet again, but it is Saturday (technically early Sunday morning at 12:06 am) and so I shall astound you with my random thoughts at this late hour.

Disclaimer: I am aware that I rarely astound.  It just sounds good. 🙂

  1. I’ve misplaced my digital camera.  It’s somewhere between my house, my car, and my mom’s house in Houston.  I think it is somewhere in the back seat of my car, but have yet to actually find it.  The power is out at mom’s house so she can’t look for it.  My camera case has my awesome Ravelry “Where my stitches at?” button displayed proudly on the front cover.
  2. We’re busily preparing (aka spending a lot of time Googling cool ideas versus actual planning) for Maddie’s birthday party on Saturday.  It’s Star Wars themed.  I practiced making Yoda cupcakes tonight.  Andy thinks I should have gone with plain white icing, then added the yoda decoration.  I disagree.  I rather like the green background.  Maddie fell asleep 30 minutes before they were finished so I can’t ask her opinion until the morning.  What do you think? I know that the blue eyes are out.  I know Yoda is an alien, but it makes him look like my alien ornament from Roswell.Yoda cupcakes
  3. I made this cake with the leftover batter when I couldn’t find my other cupcake pan (I think it’s hiding with my camera).  My hopes are that Maddie won’t like it because I’d much rather it say something more along the lines of Happy Birthday Maddie.Practice cake
  4. Laura’s home from Montana!  She surprised us with her first sewing project – an amazing quilt kaliedoscope wall hanging.  When (notice the lack of IF) I find my camera, I’ll take a photo of my new prized possession.
  5. I found the missing piece of my yarn winder in the bottom of Laura’s closet so now I can finish my Brownie hat.  I need it in order to cover up whatever my hair seems to be doing lately.  It’s not pretty.
  6. I’ve been searching for the perfect purse handle for my Meadow Handbag.  I think I may end up settling for a not-so-perfect one, which will completely blow the coolness of my pink flamingo fabric.
  7. Andy has been appointed to the Iowa team at work.  I don’t remember if that includes all of the recently declared disaster areas or just Iowa.  Either way, he will be working hard over the next several months helping many, many families and businesses get the funding they need to restart their lives.
  8. Ack.  I was distracted by Google Reader and the sound of Andy smacking the virtual tennis ball around in the living room.  It’s after 1 am and I’ve got to go to bed.

Good night!

2 thoughts on “Thoughts at Midnight

  1. Julie June 22, 2008 at 8:41 am Reply

    Yeah, but Google Reader got you to stop by my blog so I’m happy. LOL And if Maddie doesn’t like either of the cupcake/cake configurations, just send them to me. I’m craving cake like crazy these days!

  2. Tiffany June 22, 2008 at 10:39 pm Reply

    I will eat a cupcake in your honor. 🙂 Little alien Yodacakes taste awesome!

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