It’s July?!?!

Laura survived three days at Girl Scout camp, arriving home only slightly miffed at her camping buddy and best friend.  I made them talk it out the 30 minute drive back from camp and now things are better.  Here’s Laura in her cabin, right before I left her on Saturday.

1st day of camp

I really should have taken an after picture. She looked exhausted!  She did have a great time and learned a lot of new things.

Doctor Who Swap Goodies

Look at my wonderful stash of goodies newly arrived from England!  We did a swap in the Who Knits? group on Ravelry for Doctor Who items and Jelly Babies.  I have now discovered that I will never eat jelly beans again.  I will also weigh 500 pounds before the summer is out because I also discovered on the same day of my package arriving that Cost Plus World Market sells Jelly Babies.  I am doomed.  Doomed!

We celebrated Maddie’s 6th birthday over the weekend with a Star Wars party.  I was so glad to see the homemade light sabers go home.  We still have around five, but they haven’t been touched since the party.  Here’s Maddie playing Pin the Something (control panel?) on Darth Vader:

Birthday party for Maddie

Last, but not least, I finished more tawashi!  I need to make more.  Tawashi will probably be my beach (11 more days!) projects because they’re lightweight and portable.  I made these for a swap on Ravelry.  They are now happily residing in Pennsylvania!

Tawashi for Pennsylvania


2 thoughts on “It’s July?!?!

  1. Julie July 3, 2008 at 6:03 am Reply

    Looks like fun all around to me. :o)

  2. Suzanne July 10, 2008 at 8:15 pm Reply

    You seem to be such an awesome mom! I want you to ‘design’ MY birthday!

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