Road to Revolution

Can anyone name the first step on the road to the Revolutionary War?  Hopefully, after today’s class, all of my students can.  (see the bottom for the answer if you’re curious.)  See, my mind has been overwhelmed with thoughts of lessons, teaching certifications, Girl Scouts, band practice, dance class, and now volleyball, that I haven’t picked up a crochet hook or knitting needle in months.  Perhaps only a single month, but when you use crochet as a lovely escape from the chaos around you (football/baseball/disasters/kids) and you don’t squeeze in time for something that really helps you deal with a hectic life, you are really left with me right now.

Tonight, I promise to myself to spend time on myself.  I will start a new crochet project, which is by far my favorite part of crocheting.  Some time between now and Saturday, I will take a picture of this project and post it here.  Since I’m curious and seem to have a perpetual 1000+ blogs in Google Reader so I’ll never get caught up.  What are you working on???

The answer is:  Treaty of Paris, 1763 (ending the French & Indian War or Seven Years War from the European perspective).


One thought on “Road to Revolution

  1. Elizabeth Cates October 9, 2008 at 7:28 pm Reply

    I have finally started scrapbooking again. Digital scrapbooking, that is. Its a first for me, but I am enjoying it!! Check out my pink blog to see my most recent page

    Thanks for coming out with me for my birthday! It was a blast!!!

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