Crocheting Little by Little

Some evenings, I am actually squeezing in some me time and working on a few crochet projects.  I even took pictures today as proof!

Scarf in progress

Scarf in progress

This is from the Fall 2008 Interweave Crochet, a scarf version of Doris Chan’s Sweet Lorriane Throw.  Someone will get this for Christmas, I just haven’t decided yet who might like something soft and white.

I’m also slowly working on finishing my throw that’s been in progress since last fall.  I have six more rows to go and hope to get it completed before our first big cold front later this week. (Wishful thinking!)

Here’s a sneak peek of a skirt pattern I’m making for the girls.  Once I find my notes, I’ll get back to work on it so that I can complete it and list the pattern at the same time.

What are you working on right now?  I’m trying to make it through my Google Reader to get up to date on everyone.  Every time I get started, I get called away by the family.  I miss my me time!

As has become our family tradition, we went to the Texas State Fair a few weeks ago.  I always have to try one of the new fried foods of the year.   I couldn’t help but try deep fried s’mores.  It was like eating a funnel cake with chocolate and marshmallow gooey goodness in the middle – divine!

Deep fried s'mores

Deep fried s

I also came across a few beautiful flowers while walking through the garden exhibits.  They looked awfully familiar to me.

Random Flowers

Random Flowers

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