There’s nothing quite like listening to the sounds of Andy and the girls playing on the Wii Fit from the living room.  You hear the instructor saying, “You’re doing great! Tighten those ab muscles,” followed closely by Andy groaning in pain and the girls following up with, “Great job, Dad!”  All of this is accompanied by me sniggering in the kitchen.

We started the past weekend by nabbing a babysitter so that Andy and I could catch the new James Bond for my birthday.  I love the older Bond movies, but I have a thing for the new style (and Daniel Craig) and cannot wait for the next one in a year or so, hopefully.  We did manage to catch the new trailer for Star Trek.  I was disappointed to see it was moved back until next May because it was my pick for our annual Christmas Day movie viewing.  Saturday started off with Laura’s volleyball game followed by a drive to my grandparents’s house.  We met my mom there who brought me my birthday present – a new Schwinn Cruiser!

Isn't it pretty?

Isn't it pretty?

We wanted to hurry home on Sunday to go for a nice long bike ride before dark, but there was a neighborhood-wide power outage (someone was digging in their back yard most likely – evil trolls) that morning so we waited to drive back north until we had word from Andy that the power was back on.  We settled for a quick bike ride while the sun was setting and the cooler weather returned for the night.  Since tonight was our first of two busy nights for the week (dance class and band practice), we’ll take a longer ride tomorrow after school.  My dream job for next school year will be at the high school near the girls’ school so that we can ride to school together in the morning instead of driving.  I’ll be the kooky history teacher who rides her bike to school, but I don’t care!

Because I missed posting this here when I was really excited.  Laura had her first concert a few weeks ago.  She was awesome, but I am biased. 🙂

She’s playing the pink and white guitar, which is a junior sized Hello Kitty Fender/Squire.  It’s Mad’s but if she keeps up playing in the band, we might get her one of her own.  They’re playing “7 Things” by Miley Cyrus and are currently working on Taylor Swift’s “Picture to Burn.”


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  1. Melissa November 19, 2008 at 9:28 am Reply

    Tiff–what do you think of the cruiser vs the mountian bike or ten speed? I think you get more of a work out on the cruiser but for longer rides a mountian bike/10 speed might make the ride easier. I’ve been debating about getting a cruiser and meant to buy one this summer and never got around to it.

    Happy Birthday!

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