Planning for the holidays

I’m thinking about handmaking my Christmas cards this year.  I think I’ve lost my mind.  At least all cards will go out after December 10th, my last day of student teaching.

I am making a more pointed effort to purchase handmade goods for all of the women in my family this year.  I won’t torture the men yet with handmade goods, but the time will most likely come next year.  Plus, Andy does the guy shopping and I do the girl shopping and I know he would think I’m absolutely crazy to suggest such a thing.  He prefers the “buy your brother obscure DVDs and books” option of holiday shopping.

Okay, panic attack setting in so no more talk of this Christmas shopping.  I need to decide on something special to make in the next two weeks for my coordinating teacher.  She has been an amazing resource over the past three months and I will miss seeing her every day.  So………

What would YOU make for a new friend?


2 thoughts on “Planning for the holidays

  1. FarOutMom November 20, 2008 at 11:04 am Reply

    If you can swing it, a prayer, or friendship, shawl is a nice gift. Especially if the card tells them what a prayer shawl is. Or a nice scarf could do the same.

  2. Melissa November 25, 2008 at 9:40 am Reply

    Tiff-I don’t think you could go wrong with a hand knit or crocheted scarf. JoAnn’s has some nice slubby yarns, I want to say in the Sensations line, licorice maybe, and there’s also Moda Dea, they have nice yarns too, you could cast on 13-20 stitches, do a garter stitch scarf, maybe use three balls, get a nice long scarf but not too wide. The yarn does all the work. I’m currently knitting a scarf in LionBrand Landscapes for a neighbor. It’s got tons of colors in it so will go with just about any coat. Got to love the garter(knit) stitch!

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