Finally Playing with Malabrigo

Malabrigo used for Ilean

Malabrigo used for Ilean

Sheryl from Yarntopia recommended Malabrigo to me over a year ago on a visit to her LYS before I moved from Houston.  I was leary because I did not have much use for wool garments while living on the Gulf Coast.  Little did I know the effect of moving 250 miles to the north.  While visiting The Knitting Nook, my LYS here in the Fort Worth area, I finally bought a skein of this beautiful colorway.  I’m currently making Ilean, a cowl from Patti Simmons I found on Ravelry.
I feel like I’m doing something wrong in the pattern.  When you stop and start and aren’t sure what row you’re on when you’re repeating six rows, this happens, I know.  It looks beautiful the way it is turning out, so I’m knitting along.

Andy has been requesting a manly hat of his own for the winter months.  He’s typically at the bottom of my list that I will make things for because he’s too critical.  He’s not allowed to use any of my crocheted afghans because he claims crochet is ugly.  I started knitting and he’s not impressed with it either.  He does love my Brownie hat pattern, which earned him a few kudos and his own hat design.  It’s a simple hat and fits him nicely so far.

Andy's manly hat

Andy's manly hat

I’m thinking about trying out a few textured stitches for the brim so we’ll see how that turns out tonight.

I’ve completed a quick throw for Laura’s American Girl doll, Molly.  I used the Maggie Wrap motif from Robyn Chachula’s wonderful book Blueprint Crochet.  I’ve done a small throw using six motifs with a simple double crochet edging.  It’s fished but I forgot to snap a photo of it on Molly’s bed before dark, so here’s a look at the piece before edging:

Molly's blanket

Molly's blanket

Speaking of Molly, Laura was gifted with a guitar for Molly for Christmas and the two of them practiced Christmas morning on a new chord from Molly’s chord book.  Molly’s miniature chord book is the same book Andy had once (in normal size, of course) when he was learning the guitar.

A chord lesson for two

A chord lesson for two


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