2009 Resolutions

As a way to start off the new year, I thought I would make a list of goals for 2009. This way, I can review them at this time next year and perhaps even mark items off as I reach them.

1. Apply to 5 additional area school districts by March. I’ve updated my applications at the three ISD’s I hope to teach in, but I need to expand my horizons.

2. Work at least three days a week as a substitute. With the girls in school I need to stay in school myself.

3. Start and finish at least 10 items for presents for 2009. I’m tired of buying things for Christmas. It’s past time for me to make handmade gifts.

4. Lose 30 pounds. I want to lose more, but if I reach this goal, I will adjust it to show my new goal.

5. Self-publish a short story. My brother gave me a simple request for Christmas to start writing again (and to brush up on my neglected grammar skills). I woke up in the middle of the night last night with a great story line.

Five is a good place to start. I want to add more, but I can go from there.

I hope you are staying warm! We were in the 70s two days ago and had a little bit of freezing rain today, not reaching over 34. Ah, Texas weather!


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One thought on “2009 Resolutions

  1. Kari January 6, 2009 at 7:37 am Reply

    Great goals! Good Luck!

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