Making blankets

Laura and I made Andy an Astros themed fleece blanket back in February for his birthday.  Since it’s 40 degrees and rainy outside on the day before Spring Break, we decided to make hers today.

Working on Laura's blanket

Working on Laura's blanket

The girls and I took turns with the camera.  Maddie snapped this photo before running off with the camera to take her daily dose of rare and unusual photos (notepads, extreme closeups of noses, etc.).

Laura making progress

Laura making progress

Laura worked diligently until it was time for her to start dinner.  After the lemon chicken went in the oven and I was on the last side of the blanket, she ran off to watch iCarly.  (Laura cooking??  She’s an amazing cook for a 9 year old.)

Working through side two

Working through side two

Maddie came back and took a few last photos before running off herself to places unknown (the living room).  Dinner is ready and the chicken smells divine.  Have a wonderful spring break!  Now that the Girl Scout cookie sale is over, I’ll have more time to post and show off the crochet projects I’ve been working on sporadically.


One thought on “Making blankets

  1. Deneen March 14, 2009 at 8:56 am Reply

    Elena had a blanket like that-however it was a gift and it wasn’t knotted at the fringe and when I washed it, the two parts separated-are you using a kit or did you find directions online?

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