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While out running errands today, I could not pass by The Knitting Nook without picking up a few additional hanks of Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca yarn.  I bought two hanks previously in this gorgeous Spiceberry Mix colorway (notice the glass of Smoking Loon’s Cabernet sneaking into the photo.  I think I need to buy more on my next trip to World Market…)

Spiceberry Mix

Spiceberry Mix

I am at a loss as to what to make with the yarn.  Actually, that’s a lie.  I know I want a school-worthy cardigan.  I want something that is simple and classic that will be easy to slip on over most tops when I get cold in the classroom.

When I saw Amy’s Terra Firma, I thought I had finally found a cardigan that fit my needs.  I bought the pattern and should start a gauge swatch and measurements tomorrow.  I’m not quite sure it will look good on a bust like mine, so I’m still looking around for an alternative.   I’ve written before about how much I love Giovanna’s Cardi from Lion Brand, having made it for both of the girls, and I’ve thought about playing with the pattern to create an adult version, but I think I want more of a solid or textured look over an open shell pattern like in Giovanna’s Cardi.

There is also the Chevron Lace Cardigan or the Top Down Round Yoke Cardigan, both from Without Seams, which would look nice in my yarn.

What am I thinking??  I should be looking in  Robyn Chachula‘s  Blueprint Crochet since I would love to have almost every single item in the book crocheted and placed lovingly in my closet.  That will be on the menu for tomorrow first thing.

I now know why I have difficulty writing posts.  Every time I start one, my husband starts up a conversation with me that requires thought, not deep intellectual thought, but thought nonetheless.  Important thoughts along the lines of whether John Lennon’s So This is Christmas (War is Over) is a sequel to Imagine or what is the name of the duet with David Bowie and John Lennon.  I have to pause mid-yarn thought and google John Lennon while also searching for David Bowie and John Lennon on YouTube.   The song is Fame and as far as the sequel, I’m not sure.  Now we’ve moved onto Lennon’s Sunday Bloody Sunday, which leads naturally to U2‘s Sunday Bloody Sunday, followed of course by discussion their new CD and the upcoming summer tour.  How can I think about yarn when I have to ponder the possiblity of seeing them again in October?  I’m still not overly in love with No Line on the Horizon, but it is slowly growing on me.  In my opinion, it seems to lack some of the grit and depth of previous albums, but like I said, it is growing on me.

Back to yarn.  Do you have a recommendation for a classic crocheted cardigan??  I’d love to hear your suggestions.


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