Relish Every Word

While out and about in downtown Fort Worth yesterday post jury duty and pre-train back home, I wandered through Barnes & Noble.  After snagging a few bargain books, debating over purchasing new crochet books, realizing that my shaken iced green tea lemonade was not as caffeine-laden as I needed after four hours of voir dire, I found myself in the Writing section of the book store.  Thanks to a push from my lovely brother over Christmas, I have started journaling daily in order to get my brain working in a write-minded way again.   To help along my journaling, I bought Sin and Syntax by Constance Hale.  It’s an older book (copyright 1999), but so far I’m enjoying the read.  (My all-time favorite book on writing is the appropriately titled On Writing by Stephen King.)

Hale includes five new principles of prose:

Relish every word.

Be simple, but go deep.

Take Risks.

Seek beauty.

Find the right pitch.

I am hoping to find my writing self again.  Perhaps I will, perhaps I won’t.  Either way, I will be writing more and sharing more with you.

One thought on “Relish Every Word

  1. Sheryl April 2, 2009 at 10:12 am Reply

    Hi! I have missed you too! Isn’t it amazing that we are on the same path? I loved reading your post and I am anxious to find my writer self again too. I used to write every day. I have Kim Werker to thank for making me think in this direction. I love it when these cyber relationships cause us to be our best!

    The trip to the Fort Worth nature area looks fun. I love doing stuff like that.

    Take care,

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