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Becoming Blue Chairs

Becoming Blue Chairs

A retro metal chair set was one of the first purchases as a married couple.  It was a boring dull green color but at that time in my life, dark greens and reds were my favorite.  I’ve upgraded to brighter colors and after almost ten years (eek!), I thought it was time my chair set upgraded too.  The table is finished, but the chairs are still in progress.  I’ve injured my pointer fingers (they hurt so therefore they’re injured) from the spray can nozzles so I’m waiting another day or two for the winds to die down again and my fingers to heal before I finish my little blue beauties.

I ran out of time last Friday to talk about these cute chick bookmarks before leaving town.  Friday (or perhaps Thursday), Craft posted about Jinjerup’s free chick bookmark pattern.  I thought they’d make a perfect quick spring gift for my family of readers.  Laura let me borrow a few of her many books to snap a few photos.

Chickie bookmarks

Chickie bookmarks

This was a very quick, simple project and quite a hit with little girls who love all things spring and cute.



I’ve also been crocheting with cotton a lot lately.  Once the weather heats up in North Texas, I like making things for the kitchen.  The rest of the year, I don’t really want to, but in spring, the need to make new dishcloths, potholders and such takes over all other yarn desires.  I think there’s also a link to sitting every Thursday in a warm humid natatorium while the girls dive.  Speaking of, it’s time for diving!  Have a wonderful rest of the week!


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