Time for a change

Please bear with me while I play with my blog theme over the next few days.  I’ve chosen a theme that has a lot of customizability to give me room to make changes when the need overcomes me without making drastic changes to the appearance.

I’ve been making a few Grim Reapers.  While this Death waits on eyes, he (it?) decided to lounge in my plant. I know it’s time as a houseplant is almost over, but Death did not have to make it so obvious that the end is near. (Grim Reaper is from Creepy Cute Crochet.)

Faceless Death

Faceless Death

Two years ago, I started working on Amie Hirtes’ Sweet Pea Shawl (via NexStitch) for myself.  I had made one a year before that for my mother, which she loves to the point that she will never wear it because she claims it’s too beautiful. I wear it when I’m visiting because it is not supposed to spend it’s life draped over a mirror.  After finishing three rows, I put my shawl to the side to work on other projects. A few weeks ago, I pulled the unfinished shawl off of my yarn shelf to take with me as a project for my breaks during standardized testing at the middle school.  After a week of testing, I’m getting close to being finished.  I will definitely need for the mornings in Montana while we are visiting the in-laws this summer.  Here’s a little shot of my progress:

Sweet Pea Shawl in progress

Sweet Pea Shawl in progress


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