101 Things To Do Instead of Cleaning the House (Give or Take 90)

101 things I may have done (or thought about doing) today instead of getting stuff prepared for Wednesday’s donation pick-up:

  1. Watch all of Soylent Green just for the last line.
  2. Watch Jeffster open the Chuck ComicCon panel.
  3. As seen on CakeSpy’s Baker’s Dozen post, contemplate making DIY Frappucinos for dinner instead of jambalaya as planned.
  4. Browse www.chuckmeout.com and find out that I could have my very own Jeffster t-shirt.
  5. Find out that Chuck does not return until March 2010.  Grumble.
  6. Move on from grumbling to focus on Psych returning August 7th.
  7. Decide that I should at the very least unload the dishwasher before dinner.
  8. Celebrate in finally finding a table runner idea that I love and cannot wait to sew.
  9. Buy new storage cubes for daughter’s room to replace gigantic wood entertainment center instead of focusing emptying room of old clothes and toys.
  10. Color my hair back to a nice dark brown, getting rid of the red.
  11. And finally, pick out cotton yarn to make my aunt sweeper covers as promised a year ago.
Sweeper cardi

Sweeper cardi


2 thoughts on “101 Things To Do Instead of Cleaning the House (Give or Take 90)

  1. Shawn August 11, 2009 at 9:30 pm Reply

    You promised me some as well a year ago right after i moved in and you were helping me clean house. I want them!! LOL

  2. Piper April 20, 2010 at 3:18 am Reply

    Excellent work, your site is awesome. I’m adding it to my favs.
    Sat Nam, **(-_-)**

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